Experience of participate in IELTS exam

Last 16th August’14 I participated in IELTS exam, scored 6.5(R-7.5, L-7.5, S-6 & W-5.5).  I have not thought too much about it before 1.5 month. Before last ramzan few of my relatives & parents suggested me to go to abroad for higher study. I have not enough time in hand because of my job. I want to complete it as soon as possible. I was thinking what I can do within a short time. Traditional strategy for taking preparation is admit into a coaching center and complete their course before taking exam. It’s a lengthy process and I need to maintain regular schedule for it. It’s quite difficult for me to continue any class after office. I was looking for better option which is suited with my schedule. At last, I found higherstudyabroad.com’s video tutorial. It’s an awesome resource for me. I have watched every video and then I have a clear idea about every parts. So my suggestion for you, check these videos. I think, you will like it very much.

How I start my work & complete it –

  1. First of all, I need to find out my current position. For this reason, I completed few demo tests using Cambridge (got 4.5 in first three exams).
  2. Now I know what’s going on & how to solve it. I reviewed specific video again and wrote notes for my problems.
  3. Participated few more exams and feel better than first time, get good marks in reading (5.5-6).
  4. I have heard from seniors that I should be careful about Reading & Listening. That’s why I spent maximum time for these two parts. But after getting final result, I found that I need good score in Reading and writing for admission. Therefore, I suggest all of you to be sincere about these two parts. Initially, I have spent my time for Reading & Listening, allocated only 1 week for writing. It’s not good practice. Try to write everyday for few minutes from the beginning and then you can do better in this part.
  5. I took part in two mock tests (Saifur’s & British Council), scored almost same in both exam(R- 6.5, L-6, W-6, S-6), feel better and completed registration for final exam.
  6. For reading preparation, I have completed almost 50% of Cambridge test, al first, completed test and then reviewed my fault.
  7. For Listening – I have completed few parts everyday from http://www.esl-lab.com/ & it increased my confidence. You can check it.
  8. For speaking – I think, we should speak on at least 60-70 topics, you can select it from http://www.dcielts.com/ & Saifur’s book. I have completed only 10-15 topics. You record it for checking your performance. Check your timing & try to speak at least 3 minutes. List out common mistakes and solve it sequentially.
  9. For Writing – My observation, Part one is easier and bear less mark. Point out how much type available (bar chart, pie chart etc) and take preparation for each variation. Please write as much as possible, otherwise, you will face problem like me. Part two – I have followed http://www.dcielts.com/, you will find lots of topics, read it sequentially & don’t forget to write.
  10. Registration – I have completed it by myself, completed online registration, print out final copy, paid money via bank, stapled photocopy of my passport, money receipt, and registered copy’s photocopy & dropped it in bank’s British council’s office. After few days, received payment confirmation from my online account.

I hope, my experience will help you. Let me know if you need any more information.





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Welcome to my blogging Site

Welcome to my personal blogging site. Here I am trying to express me by my own style. I have been developing websites for four years for my clients. I have started my journey using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP and MySQL. Now I can develop scalable, pixel perfect websites from scratch following any PSD design. I like to write clean, robust code and always sincere about w3c validation.  I have completed three training program on web development for improving my performance from three reputed training center in Bangladesh. I am experienced in Codeigniter framework, wordpress and Squarespace, can build up wordpress theme using any deisgn and know how to develop wordpress plugin. I like Squarespace’s design for responsive, static websites, very user friendly and outstanding design.

My  Proficiency

Front End – HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery and AJAX, Phtoshop, Twitter Bootstrap, Less Framework, can develop responsive website with cross browser support

PHP – PHP5, Codeigniter, Open Cart

WordPress – Customize existing theme, theme development, customize plugin, Woo Commerce, developed six websites using this CMS.

Squarespace –  Customize existing design using code injection, designed 20 websites using this CMS, also familiar with developer platform and Squarespace Commerce.

Database – MySQL

API Integration – Facebook,  Twitter, Google Map etc

IDE used – Netbeans, Dreamweaver, Notepad++

I am always sincere about time frame and try to provide my best support when you need.

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